Amateur artist in my free time.
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As a law graduate with a passion for painting and drawing, I enjoy engaging in these artistic pursuits as my favorite hobby. It serves as a means of relaxation, creative expression, and an avenue to stay active and destress.

Despite not having formal art education, I am constantly experimenting with various media, honing my skills, and combining them to create aesthetically pleasing and realistic art pieces.

Primarily focusing on traditional art, I often digitize my creations and share them with friends on social media, and occasionally exhibit them in person. While I currently do not aspire to pursue a professional career as an artist, I am dedicated to continuously improving my craft and exploring new possibilities. I have yet to venture into digital art, but I am open to new opportunities for growth and development in my artistic journey.
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Acrylic, Gouache, Oil Paint, Watercolour, Ink on Canvas
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Art Alchemy: Where Experimentation Sparks Innovation!
I'm interested in engaging in a diverse range of artistic techniques and experiments to further expand my artistic repertoire.

Embark on a journey of artistic exploration with me as we delve into a diverse range of art techniques and experimental approaches, utilizing mediums such as watercolors, pencils, gouache, pastels, acrylics, and oil paints on canvas, as well as mixed media elements.