As a well-rounded creative professional with expertise in web production, video post-editing, and writing, I currently hold the position of Web Producer and In-house Legal Specialist for the Web Team. I am actively seeking opportunities to support nonprofit marketing strategies and other professional web production projects. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested in collaborating. I am consistently enthusiastic and open to connecting with fellow creatives and web producers to explore potential partnerships and projects.

With a strong background in legal and web production knowledge, excellent visual memory, quick adaptability, keen attention to detail, and proficient English language skills, I bring valuable experience working both independently and in small teams, as well as in multinational environments, across various departments such as web production, digital marketing, legal, online editing, finance, and accounting. I am highly motivated to leverage my skills and expertise in a meaningful manner by collaborating with non-profits and NGOs worldwide, to further enhance my work experience and make a positive impact on the global community.