I have over 4 years of experience with editorial and web production work and over 5 years of experience with legal and contract analysis and contract administration work.

Web Production

Preparing and publishing content in HTML, CSS, multilingual SEO management, using Adobe Analytics, web projects management, web governance: identifying and repairing errors, broken links, troubleshooting, compliance with internal and external standards, creating new pages and providing maintenance for exiting pages. Contact person in the translation process: preparing and managing jobs for the translation service of the website, using translation support tools and offering publishing support for the content localisation process.


Documenting and writing articles for legal professionals about new legislation, applicability of existing laws and regulations, jurisprudence, latest news from the legal field, working as an Editor for a Publishing House specialized in publications for legal professionals. Writing engaging copy for official communications about conferences, events, student and teacher dedicated programs and activities - working as copywriter for a private university.


I can create ebooks, leaflets, flyers, infographics, impact reports, proposals, presentations and other promotional materials that are print ready, and also SEO friendly for publishing online or for social media campaigns. I have good writing and design skills, and experience in creating web pages, banners, landing pages, ebook, newsletters, logos and sleaves for social media, etc.

Legal Specialist for Web Department

Analysing content from legal point of view, insuring compliance with local laws for multilingual content. Documenting and flagging potentially contentious competitive content, checking liability clauses in digital assets, collaborating with corporate legal teams to insure legal policies and all data protection and security policies are up to date and observed on the website.