Put the BUY in BeaUtY! 

One day, the beaty fairymade some magic and four talented ladies were united by their common passion for digital marketing. This is how the PMK project came to life.

We are the first digital marketing team in Romania specialized in providing comprehensive marketing services dedicated to the Beauty and Fashion industries. It's not just marketing; it's an investment in the success of your business.


Through an online presence, your business will stand out and rise to the top of successful brands. 

Get the same high-quality improvement and beautification services your customers enjoy, but for your company! 


Your business needs a marketing intervention! The outcome will be visible and long-lasting brand awareness increase.


Enjoy a variety of services, tailored and personalized strictly to the needs and character of your company. Put your business in the digital spotlight! We'll help in identifying strengths and addressing weaknesses. Our services include Meta Paid Ads campaigns, creative content creation, SEO optimization, site optimization procedures, and email marketing.


Diagnosing and addressing weaknesses, highlighting strengths, expanding clientele, and maintaining an impressive image and online presence for your company.


Starter Plan

Online Campaigns: Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Tik Tok Ads and other types of ad campaigns.

Standard Plan

Online ads campaigns, advanced social media management, e-mail marketing.

Premium Plan

Standard Pack plus other services to achieve the ultimate user experience on your website: UX, UI, SEO.

Personalized Plan

Custom services for your business needs, including a deep analysis to identify and understand these needs.

Online Advertising: Strategically planning and executing effective campaigns on platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and more.

This plan is perfect for quickly grabbing attention and starting to build your online presence.

Tailored to your business needs, our well-crafted strategies ensure swift achievement of your online goals—whether it's generating leads, increasing conversions, or boosting brand visibility. Our creative content, spanning Google Ads, Facebook Ads, TikTok Ads, and other platforms, brings you closer to your desired outcomes. We strive to exceed expectations through continuous campaign monitoring, budget adjustments and optimization.
Stop searching! You just found the perfect marketing plan for strengthening your online position and attracting a solid customer base.

  • Online Advertising: Strategically planning and executing effective campaigns on platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and more. 
  • Advanced Social Media Management: Managing and optimizing your presence on social networks, including content strategies, engagement monitoring, and handling online reputation crises. 
  • Email Marketing: Crafting personalized, segmented, and automated email marketing campaigns to maintain and build customer relationships.
Suitable for those looking to strengthen their presence and dominate the online market. It includes our Standard Package Benefits and more:

  • User Experience: We specialize in designing interfaces that not only captivate but also seamlessly guide your website users through an enjoyable and intuitive journey—from effortless website navigation to engaging interactions with various elements. 
  • SEO: Our expertise extends to optimizing your website(s) for search engines, implementing meticulously crafted strategies, and managing impactful paid campaigns. The result? Maximized online visibility and a robust digital presence for your business.
This package is designed to meet the diverse requirements of every brand. What is the main focus of this plan? Well, mainly a profound understanding of your goals and values to create a tailored marketing plan.

This personalized marketing plan will be intricately designed to cater to the unique and multifaceted requirements your brand and business. Our approach is to have a collaborative effort with you, to get a profound comprehension of your brand's objectives and core values. Delving deep into the essence of your business, we’ll dedicate time specifically to ensuring a comprehensive understanding that becomes the foundation for the creation of your meticulously tailored marketing plan. With a commitment to precision and customization, our goal here is to elevate your brand strategy, aligning it seamlessly with your vision for sustained success.

It can be as simple or as complex as you and your business need this to be.
PMK'S Grow Together WARRANTY
When working with small agencies and paying a lower price, many companies receive services that are lacking in quality or do not fully meet their business needs. Our tiered system guarantees that clients can seamlessly transition between tiers based on their specific needs and the development and progress of their business.

We aim to grow together! That's why we provide premium talents to our clients, embodied by our team members with:

Over 6 years of experience in design and web design
Over 5 years of experience in email marketing
Over 8 years of experience in copywriting
Over 4 years of experience in social media management
Over 3 year of experience in ad creation, sales, and client management

Your stake is our stake; your success in business means success for us too.     
Limited Offer
We believe in transparency, and we want to be upfront with you! Therefore, it's important to mention that our resources are limited. Therefore, this offer is available only to a limited number of clients.

Only our initial 10 clients will benefit from numerous bonuses and other perks such as: a free e-book on How to Improve Company Image and Market Positioning, a complimentary consultation, lead generation campaigns and other.

We're thrilled to present you with an exceptional opportunity, but we must inform you that our availability and this offer are limited! It's a unique chance we want to share with you now as we embark on an extraordinary journey. 

Limited-time Offer!  

We understand your time is valuable, so we've set a clear deadline for this offer. This is your chance to benefit from our marketing services at a favorable price, but you need to act now. Why? 

  • We're at the Beginning: The PMK project is in its initial stages of development, and currently, we have the resources and dedication to offer our clients the most competitive prices and bonuses. 
  • Expertise and Drive: With a dedicated team and solid expertise, we are determined to deliver remarkable results. Take advantage now because we are aware of the fact that this combination of expertise and determination will probably propel us quickly to the top of local marketing agencies. Additionally, we take pride in our unique specialization in the Beauty industry. This niche is inspiring us to anticipate building a close-knit community of partners and clients. Our dedication to service excellence aims to solidify long-term partnerships that we look forward to sharing with our future clients. 
  • Rapid Evolution: We are aware that our value will rapidly increase with the evolution of our clients and ourselves. Therefore, this is a unique opportunity to benefit from premium services at more accessible costs. 

We rely on integrity and assure you that this limited-time offer is genuine and well-founded. We are confident that, as we and our clients evolve and expand, we won't be able to offer such advantageous bonuses. 

Every benefit we offer now comes with immense value, but you must act quickly to secure your spot. And to be completely honest, as we grow, we will always prioritize our loyal clients with whom we've built long-lasting relationships. 

This special offer is our way of rewarding you for being with us from the beginning.

#YesToPMKNow #NoFOMOLater
Don't let this opportunity slip through your fingers!

Seize this limited-time offer now and enjoy our premium services at preferential prices. We're here to help you achieve marketing success and build together a future of service excellence in the Beauty industry.

Certainly, investing in a marketing service plan from PMK is not just a purchase but an opportunity to transform how your business is perceived online. Consider it not merely as an expense but as a small yet significant step towards the growth and strengthening of your digital presence. It's practically the equivalent of what a person typically spends daily on a coffee and a croissant: 10 euro.

There are no AI copywriters or graphic designers on our team!  


Marketing Specialist (specialized in graphics, video and web design)

Unleash the power of visual storytelling with our web, video and graphics design wizard. Elevate your brand's online presence with sleek designs and captivating creativity. Meet the magician behind the visuals that leave a lasting impact!


Marketing Specialist (specialized in social media management)

Our Social Media Dynamo is the force behind your online charisma and engagement, crafting compelling narratives and orchestrating captivating content to transform your social media into a vibrant hub of connections and customer success.


Marketing Specialist (specialized in community management)

Meet our Community Maestro and Digital Legal Specialist – a dynamic duo ensuring online harmony and legal confidence. Join us and meet your new marketing specialist, who is also ready to help you guard your digital presence, at the same time.


Marketing Specialist (specialized in Ads Campaigns)

Introducing our Ads Campaigns Maestro and wizard behind captivating and efficient engagement and conversions campaigns. Join us in celebrating the architect of your advertising triumphs, committed to propelling your brand to new digital heights!

Latanya M.
Executive director at ABF & grandmother of a superhero

Otilia was EVERYTHING we needed her to be and more. I recommend Otilia to any organizations looking to share their mission and accomplishments in a way that grabs the viewers attention, and promotes their programs and mission in a professional but interesting way.

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Todd F.
Director of operations at ONETrack International

Otilia was amazing! Very talented and incredibly helpful with building our Impact Report. Thank you so much!

See project impact
Anna M.
Fellow volunteer at Araviapa Watershed Conservation Alliance

Otilla is wonderful, she gave above and beyond! We lost communication with her after she delivered the most incredible illustrations, so we hope we can use them all because we don't want to wait any longer! She is, in a word, fantastic!

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Latanya M.
Executive director at ABF & grandmother of a superhero

Otilia is an EXPERT in her craft. She has done several projects for our Foundation and each one has been nothing less than PERFECT! She has created videos, pamphlets, and then edited the videos we have and added her special flare of perfection to make them look even more professional. I highly recommend Otilia. She is a true PROFESSIONAL with the ability to teach a MASTERCLASS!

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